PhillyCHI is a volunteer-lead, member-driven organization. Our current board includes four officers who serve one-year terms. Collectively, the board is responsible for leading the Chapter and managing all activities.

2019 Board Members



  • 2018: Brian Crumley, Megan Moser, Oxana Ivashkevich, Shyanne Ruíz

  • 2017: Brian Crumley, Stephanie Lin, Megan Moser, Kelsey Leljedal

  • 2016: Brian Crumley, Upma Singh, Laura Oxenfeld, Stephanie Lin

  • 2015: Lis Pardi, Victor Yocco, Upma Singh, Brian Crumley

  • 2014: Phillip Le, Victor Yocco, Sarah Hopkins, Lis Pardi

  • 2013: Matt Thomas, Sarah Hopkins, Gerald Gant, Marie Pitcherella

  • 2012: Dave Cooksey, Matt Thomas, Jacqueline Caddle, Matt Ventre

  • 2011: Michael Carvin, David Farkas, Kelani Nichole, Matt Gregg

  • 2010: Michael Carvin, Kel Smith, Jessica Ivins, Dave Cooksey

  • 2009: Dave Cooksey, Kel Smith, Jessica Ivins

  • 2008: Dave Cooksey, Dom LaCava, Dennis Schleicher, Crystal Kubitsky

  • 2007: Dave Cooksey, Crystal Kubitsky, Amber DeRosa

  • 2006: Kyle Pero, Amber DeRosa, Bill Bulman, Mike Madaio

  • 2005 (Founding Officers): Dan Tobin, Amber DeRosa, Dom LaCava, Helena Mentis